New Client Introduction Call – 45 minutes

45 minutes @ $150.00 

 This call is intended to get to know each other and determine if we are a fit for your situation.  This call usually runs about 45 minutes to an hour at no additional charge and will be the foundation of our partnership in developing solutions to the problem you are trying to solve.  Expect to offer a basic understanding of your situation and share your story.  For those that are talking to a professional for the first time you will be given options to pursue to begin the detection phase of the process and collect the data necessary for the strategy consultation.

Strategy Consultation – 90 min

90 minute @ $500.00 

This is for residential projects under 5000 sq ft.  It includes 90 minutes of video or phone consultation, a review of reports, documents, and photographs of the property (received before the call via e-mail).  We research your situation and provide information to help you have a comprehensive understanding of the problem you are trying to solve.  Our approach is to empower you to make informed decisions.  We will review the information that has been collected, evaluate the economics, and strategize backwards.  This is where we determine next steps and what if any remediation recommendations are required.

(Session can be broken into two meetings. Calls that go over are charged in 15-minute blocks @ $25)

Community Client Check-in – Follow-Up Phone or Video Consultation

60 minutes @ $195.00              30 minutes @ $125

This call is for anyone who has a developed client relationship with us.  Once we have partnered on your project, we consider you a member of our community.  Consulting follow-up is for community clients that have ongoing projects potentially due to renovation or repair.  These calls are also for clients that have new concerns involving another incident or possible family member in need of support.