ActivePure seeks emergency FDA approval for air purifier to fight Covid-19

Joe Urso, Activepure CEO, joins ‘The Exchange’ to discuss his company’s emergency approval from the FDA for the company’s air purifier products. Read more on CNBC.

Purification System Products

vollara air purification

Vollara Air & Surface Pro

This compact air purifier uses ActivePure® Technology to destroy odors, eliminate smoke and reduce contaminants on surfaces and in the air.

  • New and improved ActivePure® Cell design delivers ActivePure® faster
  • Reduces airborne and surface contaminants
  • Freshens air and removes odors in stale environments without the use of ozone
  • UVC light mimics cleansing
  • Reduces dirt and dust from the air
  • Positive and Negatively charged ions reduce small particles and airborne pollutants
living water purification system


LivingWater is a pH-balancing, healthy alkaline water filter that connects to your sink and is used for drinking, cooking, and even cleaning purposes.

  • Provides acid-buffering alkaline water for drinking and cooking, right at your faucet
  • Produces acidic water for cleaning without chemicals
  • Generates water with excellent negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) for increased antioxidant properties
  • Easily installs to your existing faucet with no special plumbing
laundry pure 2.0

Laundry Pure 2.0

LaundryPure 2.0 puts the technology of nature to work in the laundry room at home by using cold water infused with hydrogen and oxygen-based oxidizers to bubble and lift dirt from clothing fibers.

  • Eliminates the need for laundry detergent
  • Brightens clothing, sheets and towels
  • Gets towels fluffier and clothing softer
  • Prevents odor
  • Helps eliminate allergic reactions to detergent residue
  • Extends the lifespan of your clothing and linens
h2 fuel


H2Fuel is a water bottle that charges regular water with hydrogen and antioxidants to produce anti-aging, electron rich, hydrogen infused water.

  • Improved water taste
  • Provides natural energy and balance
  • Increase intracellular hydration and reduce oxidation
  • Increase anti-aging properties
  • Charges your water with hydrogen and electrons