The primary objective of a building assessment is to evaluate environmental factors that potentially impact a healthy indoor environment and determine if or what mitigation recommendations are required. We focus our services and expertise on evaluating potential health and safety concerns by combining qualitative observation with quantitative sampling methods to help determine the source of the issue. The final analysis is intended to deliver a responsible interpretation of the information gathered from occupant interviews, visual examinations, and sampling data.

  • Home Health Audits
  • Environmental Building Analysis
  • Indoor Air Quality Consulting

Our Remediation Process



Initial consultation and building analysis are performed to identify any sources of moisture, mold or other existing environmental factors that could be potential causes of increasing the toxic burden on the occupied space.

Step 2


An action plan is developed specific to your home or business.

Step 3


We prepare both the occupants and the property for the service including client preparatory instructions, equipment set up and create controlled conditions for the decontamination phase.

Step 4


Controlled removal of any source material is performed, property is thoroughly cleaned, and a preventative maintenance strategy is prescribed to assist in providing lasting protection.

Step 5


Upon completion of the service indicator measurements are taken to confirm that the desired conditions inside the home or business have been achieved.